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Why Being a Father of Four Makes Me a Good Realtor - A handful of reasons to call me first

A few days ago, I was struck by the fact that my parenting skills actually make me better at my profession.  Some of these are learned behaviors, to be sure, while others are inherent.  Either way, if you choose me to represent your real estate interests, you are in good hands.  Here are a handful of reasons why:


I am patient

With four children, ages 10, 8, 3, and 4 months, patience is something that makes my life a LOT easier these days.  Do I lose my temper?  Sometimes, but generally I am very even keeled.  This comes in handy at home, and (believe me) it is a necessity in real estate. 

I strongly value the truth

My kids don't lie to me (at least not yet).  My wife and I have made this a guiding principle in raising our kids.  We don't EVER lie to them, even when they have questions that are uncomfortable, and we expect the same in return. 

It's kind of a long story, but my wife was lied to by some medical personnel when she was a kid, and it was traumatic for her.  For this reason, we never even misled the kids about the existence of Santa Claus.  If you have worked with agents in the past who are free and easy when it comes to facts, you will be happy to know that I will always do my best to give you the (sometimes unvarnished) truth.  If you want someone to gloss over stuff, I am not your guy.  Although I am always pleasant (read: not blunt), you will hear reality from me during our negotiations.

I listen well

The essence of good parenting comes from really listening to our kids.  In the same way, I promise to listen to what you tell me, and to honor your needs to the best of my ability.  Although my kids know that they can talk to me ANYTIME, I can't necessarily extend that particular courtesy to my clients.  That being said, I am easy to reach and I won't be offended if you call me in the evening after dinner.  I may or may not pick up the phone, however (please see note above about the truth).  :)

I can handle tantrums

Now that we have just finished potty training our third child, I can unequivocally state that no client or agent could faze me with a tantrum.  I have faced three year olds that are far more stubborn.  I don't think tantrums accomplish very much, but I can put up with a lot of nonsense in the interest of supporting my family.  I learned a long time ago that it is not worthwhile to engage in pettiness, but I can tolerate a lot.  I am not a doormat, but venting is needed on occasion.

I am a good communicator

I speak well, and I write well.  Also, I am apparently quite modest.  Okay - maybe not the last one.  I co-host a radio show online, and I am a very prolific blogger.  Usually, my friends come to me if they need help crafting a letter.  I am easy to get along with, and we will probably laugh a lot if you choose me as your agent.  I am good at reading people, and I am great at presenting things in different ways to different people.  Over my 13-year real estate career, I have worked with a very broad variety of clients and agents, and I have trained dozens of Realtors.

I have the ability to multitask

I think this one is probably self-explanatory.  I can cook, talk on the phone, answer emails, blog, and change diapers all in the span of a few minutes.  Don't you deserve someone like me to handle the details of your transaction?  The picture at left is not my child, by the way.  :)

I know how to mediate

"Dad, this isn't fair.  ____ wants to ____ and I want _____."  Which parent with multiple kids hasn't heard some variation of this?  I mediate disputes on an almost daily basis in my house, so I can certainly handle a silly real estate squabble.  I often have to remind my clients that they will only have to deal with the other party in the transaction for a short time.  You will not be forced to live with them after we close.  As my friend Margaret Rome wrote in her book, "Real Estate the Rome Way", remember WIN ("What's Important Now?").  This is a great mantra for buyers and sellers alike.

I am compassionate

I don't know if you think this one fits the theme of this post, but in my opinion it is critical.  Those who can't express sympathy or empathy for their clients shouldn't even be in the real estate industry.  It comes easily to me as a parent, and it carries into my business dealings as well. 

I am happy

Having been richly blessed with a beautiful, loving family, I am centered and happy.  I can't claim to be fully self-actualized yet (who is?), but I am probably one of the more content people that you will come across.  Why is this important?  Well, think for a minute of the alternative.  Would you like to work with someone who is bitter and negative?  I thought not. 


If you are looking for someone who will treat you well, and truly look out for your needs (and your "wants", too, hopefully), give me a call first.  You won't be disappointed, I assure you.  I can be reached anytime at 512-796-7653 (cell) or



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