100% Financing – Austin Texas Area

Following the mortgage crisis a couple of years back, guidelines for getting a home loan became much more difficult, and almost all zero-down financing went away.

Thankfully, there is still one solution for our clients who don’t have a down payment in hand. 

USDA offers 100% financing for buyers today.  We work with a lender who understands this program and has helped many homebuyers to get approved with no money out of pocket.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • There’s no limit to seller concessions, which means that the seller can pay all of your closing costs if needed
  • If appraisal is greater than the purchase price, the loan amount can be raised to cover closing costs
  • If one person can qualify by themselves then I don’t even have to pull other persons credit just need their income
  • You can do MCC (mortgage credit certificate) – this gives you an ongoing tax credit of up to  $2,000 as an interest rebate every year that you are in the home
  • Has 2.14% fee rolled into loan for guarantee fee and no monthly MI = lower payment 
  • You get a credit on income of $480 per child and you can deduct child care

If you have questions about this program, call Jason at 512-796-7653 (cell).  You can also email jason@austintexashomes.com.