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How about this instead?

I was tagged for the "super 8 meme" three times, then I wrote it, then I got tagged three MORE times.  Here is the first super meme, from which you can learn some wonderful and exciting facts about me:

Alright, already! I will write it! Here's my SUPER-MEME (with a twist)

This time around, I was tagged by Jeremy Blanton, Vanessa Stalets, and Brigita McKelvie

They asked for it.

Instead of another supermeme, I decided to compose a superbad meme.  This is sort of my anti-meme.  What do I mean by this?  Well, rather than give my favorites, I have decided to give you my least favorites in each category.  Enjoy:

Question 1: Who is my LEAST favorite Musical Artist? 

I racked my brain on this one, but I couldn't come up with any well-known popular artists that were absolutely the worst or truly consistently bad, so I just decided to include three more awful songs (in my humble opinion):

MacArthur Park - This is a particular bad version, but it doesn't really matter.  No one could salvage lyrics like those.  "Someone left my cake out in the rain?"  Please.

Morning Train (9 to 5) by Sheena Easton - This actually sounds like something that could have been written by a small child.  You know when you say, "Heck, I could do better than that"?  That's how this song makes me feel.

Mystery Song - You must click to find out what it is.  My wife and I have ridiculed this song since 1992 when it was released.

Question 2: Who is my LEAST favorite Artist?

Probably R. Crumb.  Although he has some interesting illustrations, he has a consistently disturbing worldview and some truly ugly drawings out there. 

Question 3: Who is My LEAST Favorite Blogger?

Since I didn't answer this question on the regular meme which asked for my favorite, I certainly won't answer it here.  Suffice it to say that I have two or three that I really can't stand.  If you think you are among them, you might be right.

Question 4: If I could AVOID meeting anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?

Charles Manson - no question.  I think he could probably figure out a way to kill me with his mind somehow.  Alternately, Criss Angel of "Mindfreak" fame.

Question 5: What did I LEAST want to be when I grew up?

Dead.  Ok - too easy.  I think I am supposed to name a profession.  How about poultry processor?  I heard once that they quit their jobs five times as often as the average worker.  Since I didn't know what poultry processing was when I was a child, I will go with janitor.

Question 6: What is the LEAST interesting piece of Trivia that I know?

Dolphins have a lot of teeth, I think.

Question 7: If I could AVOID living in any point of history when would it be and why?

Any time in history that would have required me to hunt for my own food, which would also probably mean that books were scarce and the internet didn't exist. 

Question 8: What is the LEAST interesting job I've every had?

For about three months in 1993, I worked in men's collections at Dillard's.  I was mistaken for a mannequin at least three or four times.  Stultifying boredom doesn't really even come close to describing how much I hated working there.  Additionally, I was often scolded for folding things incorrectly.

With regard to tagging others, I simply can't do it right now.  Please feel free to insert your own reason:

  • I haven't kept up with who has/hasn't written one already.

  • I am too busy.

  • I am too lazy.

  • I want the meme madness to end.

  • I already tagged them privately.

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