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Someday, I will look back on all of this and laugh. On second thought, why not just laugh now?

My children continue to amaze me every day with their intelligence and humor.  I wanted to share a few recent things that occurred in my house that made me realize that my kids are both witty and smart.

We had lunch today after church at Serrano's, which is a Mexican restaurant which has always had consistently good food and service, at a reasonable price.  My son ordered the grilled cheese with fries, but when our waiter brought this dish out, there was a pile of lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes on the plate next to the sandwich itself.  You must understand that vegetables are anathema to my son, and they may actually bring tears on occasion.  I swiftly removed the pile of offensive food matter and wiped the plate with a napkin to remove any traces of pickle juice.

He seemed content enough, then later I looked over and realized that he had spit part of it out onto the plate.  If you are not a parent, I apologize for this image.  If you are a parent, I make no apologies, as you should be able to handle this part. 

I asked the waiter to bring us another one and I would pay for it (he didn't charge me).  This one was completely vegetable-free, so my wife Pam jokingly said, "Hey Brandon, your vegetable soup is coming soon.  Wouldn't you love to have a nice cup of vegetable soup with your sandwich?"

 Brandon promptly and (somewhat loudly) retorted, "Help!  My parents are brain-sucking aliens!!"

After we had a good and extended family laugh, Pam said,

"I think a more appropriate response would have been ‘No, thanks.  I don't want any vegetable soup right now." 

Clearly, offering vegetable soup to my son is probably somewhat akin to offering him a warm cup of dog food.  Yes, we are indeed twisted in our humor.

And then there's my older daughter....

My six-year old daughter Aleah did two things this week that made me realize that she is just plain smarter than I am. 

I was trying unsuccessfully to close one of her computer games, by trying the "ESCAPE" key and CTRL-ALT-DEL.  She said, "Are you trying to get out of that?" 

"Yes, I am."

"You have to do control-alt-escape," which she did for me. 

"Um....thanks, Aleah."

Later, I mentioned this to my wife assuming that she had taught her, but I was mistaken.  She just figured it out on her own, probably by trial and error?  Yikes! 

The other day, Aleah was working on a puzzle, and Pam said, "Great job!"

Aleah casually stated: "I put these two puzzles together and perfectly tessellated them into a stripe."



 She learned this word while studying art mosaics.  Here is a definition I found if you (like me) didn't know this word at all:

To tessellate a surface is to cover it with shapes without leaving any gaps. In mosaics, surfaces are often tesselated with irregular shapes fitted closely together.

So, my daughter is clearly going to soon surpass my own vocabulary and skill sets, while my son is probably the funniest kid I have been around.


Thanks for taking a minute to read my kid stories.  If you liked these, you can check out my collection of previous posts about them here:

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