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More Quotes from My Children

My children continue to amaze and humor me each day.  I wanted to share a few choice sayings here.  I will work my way from my oldest to youngest this time.

My son, who is nine, is a musical genius (not really exaggerating).  He has absolute pitch (a.k.a. "perfect pitch") and he can pick out tunes on the piano by ear.  Although I can carry a tune, I have NO musical talent, so I am always a bit astonished by his abilities in this arena. 


The other day, we had some beautiful weather (mid-70's, a little breezy,  sunny), and he was happy so he suddenly said, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!"  I was pleasantly surprised at his joy, then he quickly followed it up with a very boy-like, "The hills are dead with the sound of silence.  Wait - silence doesn't have a sound."  In the space of 30 seconds, I was reminded of the classic Julie Andrews movie, then the Simon and Garfunkel song, then it was just plain funny.



Tonight, we were watching "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel, which chronicles the host as he experiences other people's dirty jobs firsthand, such as cleaning a greasy restaurant kitchen meat smoker, or working in the sewers unclogging gunk (seriously).  My son leapt up at one point and covered the screen with his body, and said, "WARNING! This show contains graphic scenes of horse snot!"  He was actually right, as that was the next segment. 



My six-year old daughter caught me offguard a few nights ago, as I was reading her a  bedtime story.  She stated, "I love you.  I love everything about our family and our house.  I love my toys.  I love my stuffed animals.  I love my room..."  She proceeded to enumerate all of the things she loved.  This was one of those moments as a parent that you long for each day.  I actually teared up a little bit listening to her innocent expression of love toward us and her life in general. 

Lastly, our sweet toddler daughter has a couple of new sayings that I enjoy.  It is not uncommon for her to ask for "Meeples" when we are in the kitchen.  Meeples?  Oh - MEATBALLS!  Here you go, sweetie.

The other common request is, "I want new nose." 

 Ummmm....uh-huh.  What's that, sweetheart? 

"I want NEW NOSE!" 

I think her nose looks great, and I tell her this.  "Do you want nose glasses, or a clown nose perhaps?" 


Of course, I am only kidding, as I know exactly what she wants, with my special built-in parent decoder brain.  She is asking for noodles, but I assure you that it sounds exactly as I am describing it above.


Lastly, we had a terrific laugh just before Christmas when our toddler found a Santa hat and put it on, declaring, "HO HO Trissmas!!"  I was reminded of Dana Carvey's old routine about his kids, when their cuteness actually acted as a sort of Kryptonite ("   Child...too...cute."). 

Thanks, as always, for reading my family stories.  If you enjoyed this one, you can see my entire collection of these posts here:

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