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Which Blog Posts are "Selling" in Active Rain? How Posts are Like Listings

Like many of you, when I am composing a new blog post here, I wonder if it will resound with the readers.  With some of my writing, I am really hoping to strike a chord, and welcome a tidal wave of perceptive, interesting, and funny comments. 


Well, here at Active Rain, as in real estate, you must be prepared for surprises sometimes.  Just as I am constantly amazed by which listings sell and which ones do not, I am also taken aback occasionally when I feel that I have written something exquisite, yet it receives a lackluster, lukewarm response. 



This makes my 131st post, and I feel like I have hit a nice groove these days with my blog, mixing humor with business, coaching with personal stories, Localism with AR group information, and more. 

 I wanted to share with you which of my own "listings" have sold quickly and for top price here at Active Rain.  In case you are not able to follow this analogy, I wanted to do a retrospective post on which of my blog posts have brought the most points and interest as of today.  Perhaps we can learn something from this - who knows?  If not, it will at least be interesting to me, and hopefully to you as well.

Let me clarify briefly - I am only going to focus on those posts that were at least somewhat successful.  There is no reason to trot the bad ones back out for another look.  With that in mind, away we go.

Please keep in mind that some of the posts below are pretty lame compared to my current work, but I hope that it will show the newbies that there is some hope for you if you are just starting to learn how to blog.  I started actively posting here on August 5th, even though my profile was set up months before that.  When I started, I had no idea what to do.

Maybe you will spot an interesting title below and check it out, like my own personal Active Rain library.  Or, if prefer going to the bookstore instead of the library, feel free to send me a check or a fist-sized wad of cash as a gesture of your appreciation.  Either way, you should probably bookmark this, as it is a virtual treasure trove of valuable and entertaining reading (keep in mind that I am stating this not as the author, but as a disinterested researcher).


First, these are my moderately successful "starter" posts (scored 300-350 points):

Oldest business card photo? - this was my first attempt at humor on AR - 300 points

Funny quotes from my son - more humor - 300 points

Worst photo contest - first post of mine with over 100 comments - 300 points.  This one actually made me some new friends along the way.

Business from Active Rain? - 304

Using Your Powers of Observation to Sell Homes (Listings) - 305

Odd marketing idea (restaurant) - 305

How it Feels to Lose a $213,000 Commission - 312

Integrity - 317 points - short and sweet - one of my first

Giving of your time, talents, and treasures - 317

Laughter is the Best Medicine - My Funny Children - 328

Texas Looks Like That? A Native Texan's Perspective - 332

Cake in One Hand, Eating it in the Other Hand - You Must Choose! - 334

Are you handling your clients like a phone company handles customers? - 350

Where is Art Linkletter when you need him? - 350

Good Dad, Bad Dad - What I learned from my upbringing - 350


This next group of posts are like move-up homes (351-399):

New Active Rain Group - "Family Ties" - Come Check it Out! - 371 points

Awkward? Maybe. Funny? Indeed. - 374

Radio Ga Ga - The Jukebox of my Mind and Life (The Early Years) - 375

How to Present and Use Buyer's Representation Agreements - 384

Your Chance to Make a $135,000 Referral Fee!  - 386

Please Get to the Point Already! The clock is ticking.... - 386

Active Rain - Where everybody knows your name (or do they?) - 387

Three funniest things my kids have said this week  - 397

39 Days in the Rain and I am Writing an Offer Already! - 397

Active Rain is Like a Big Co-Ed Dorm - 398

How Much Influence Should Outsiders Have on a Real Estate Transaction? - 398


These fall into the higher-end "blog property" tier (400-500 points):

A Couple of Useful Technology Tools that I Like - 400 points

What Can I Buy in the Austin Area for $600,000? - 400

Bad Day Brings Valuable Perspective - 400

You've Got them in the Car - Now What?  - 400

Bad new neighbors - advice? - 401

How to Avoid Getting Sued - My Humble Opinion - 414

MORE song stuff - Am I hard of hearing? My Lazy Ear Syndrome - 422

A Day of Clarity for my Family  - 423

Lessons from Terrible Clients - Part 2 - 434

The ER Nurse and the Convenience Store Employee - Where do you see yourself? - 446

Some Suggestions for New Active Rain Abbreviations - Do you LOL often? - 448

What Active Rain Can Do For All of Us  - 465

What makes a man a real man? Lessons from my Grandpa - 472


These are my personal "luxury" posts, with over 500 points:

The Secret Ingredient is Empathy - Lessons from the Grocery Store - 517 points

My Friend David - 521

Because of Active Rain I Have Found 47,148 Kindred Spirits  - 535

Freshening your perspective (a visit to the nursing home) - 547

Are you helping your clients through the maze, or are you a stumbling block? - 572

"Getting Better" Scenes from Movies - I wish we could use them with clients - 572

View from the broker's desk - what makes a good agent? - 575

A Watched Pot Never Boils - My Perspective on the National Market - 582

"High Property Taxes, Heat, and Tornadoes, TOO? Why would I want to move to Austin, Texas?"  - 600 points for this Localism featured post

So, what can I glean from this information?  Well, it looks like the very best posts that I have written manage to tie something from my life and family into my career.  Five of my nine 500+  posts were inspired by my family in some way, and one of them is about my AR "family". 


Check out my group "Family Ties" to see some awesome writing on display, and please bring any suitable stories of your own.  You won't regret it.  We are a happy bunch!

Thanks very much for reading (or skimming through) this post.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. 

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